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The Superstar Collection
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The Superstar Collection

Full size bronze Fearless Girl and Artist Proof Auction May 24, 2022!

Edition 1/5 of the Superstar Movie available now!

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Interstellar Collection

Option 1: Digital Art + 22" Fearless Girl Bronze Miniature (Available Now)

Option 2: Digital Art Only (Available Now)

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Stargazer Collection

Launch Date: May 24, 2022
The first 100 NFTs of each trading card will be released.

Fearless Social Club

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The ultimate message behind Fearless Girl is gender collaboration. The benefits of gender diversity in decision making have long been a topic of research dating to the early 1960’s. Research dictates decision makers achieve improved environment, better decisions, and increased profitability when genders work together.

The cryptocurrency gender investment gap between men and women exceeds that of the traditional financial gap. A study conducted by Momentive for CNBC and Acorn’s found men twice as likely to own and invest in cryptocurrency with 16% of men investing versus just 7% of women. It is our hope that the Fearless Girl NFTs will encourage women to invest in this new and exciting financial space.

Your NFT purchase will help free Fearless Girl to be used in programs and events that benefit the people and promote change.

The name Fearless Girl has been trademarked and the work cannot be used as brand to promote a company. The No Branding Clause.


No Refunds

We are sorry for any inconvenience but, due to the nature of NFTs and PayPal transactions, no refunds will be issued for NFTs. PayPal has been notified. Delivery will issue as soon as your payment is verified. Thank you for supporting Fearless Girl and we thank you for your patience!

Delivery Time

Please allow 48 hours for delivery of your digital NFT. If your NFT includes a bronze sculpture, allow 3 to 4 months for delivery. Production time will increase with the number of orders received. Thank you!


Release Schedule

TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2022

Edition 1/5 of the Superstar micro movie up for auction.
Interstellar Collection will release. Purchase with or without a 22" bronze sculpture.

TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2022

Full-size Fearless Girl + Artist Proof of the Superstar Micro Movie up for auction.
Stargazer Trading Cards release! The first 100 of seven Interstellar Trading Cards will release.


In the Brew... Digitally Generated Art

There’s something brewing... the potential is there for digitally generated NFTs that are fun and affordable allowing everyone to join the effort and own a bit of Fearless Girl. Stay tuned!