Free Fearless Girl!

Interim artwork for Tier One.
Artworks in progress. We reserve the right to revision.


Drop Date: February, 2022



Fearless Girl minted! Promoting women on the block chain, the iconic Wall Street sculpture will be represented in hand rendered digital artworks paired with bronze sculptures cast in the lost wax tradition, a 6,000-year-old process.

Introducing the Micro Movie as an NFT In these digital works, Fearless Girl evolves from celestial bodies and particles illusion in a creation story. In keeping with the diversity ideals behind the figure, storyboards created by Kristen Visbal are brought to life in digital format. With the help of Scott Salter of Simple Films, we brought Michael Miller of 9ifx into the mix. Offering a style and skill compatible with these complex storyboards, Michael and his team bring exceptional skill to this multi-tiered drop.

Free Fearless Girl! Kristen Visbal created an iconic symbol of female empowerment to honor her fellow women and celebrate International Women’s Day 2017. The artwork has become mired in a legal quagmire that prevents use of the sculpture on behalf of the people the work was created for. The Artist has fought nearly five years to free her work for use in programs that benefit the public and with non-profits aligned with the ideals behind the sculpture such as empowerment, equality, equal pay, equal education and the prevention of prejudice.

The benefits of gender diversity in decision making have long been a topic of research dating to the early 60’s. Research dictates decision making groups achieve improved environment, better decisions, and increased profitability when genders work together. The cryptocurrency gender investment gap exceeds that of the traditional financial gap. A study conducted by Momentive for CNBC and Acorn’s found men twice as likely to own and invest in cryptocurrency with 16% of men investing versus 7% of women. On the other hand, it seems ownership of cryptocurrency is racially diverse with investment between Asians, Whites, Blacks, and all other races hovering between 10 and 14%. Momentive also found just 19% of cryptocurrency investors are white women, and only 4% are Black women. Again, we have a disparity in cryptocurrency between men and women. Your NFT purchase will help Free Fearless Girl for the People and ensure this historic work is used to enlighten and promote change.

A layer two drop via custom platform linked to the website is environmentally friendly, affording buyers an Ethereum address and offering purchase via USD and ETH.

What’s Different?

  • Energy Efficient
  • Micro Movies
  • Hand Rendered Digital Art
  • Paired with an ancient casting process
  • Fearless Girl Equality Ideals


Be Fearless!

Artist Kristen Visbal with Fearless Girl
Federation Square, Melbourne, AU



The Superstar Drop

Tier One: Superstar

  • 1 minute 23 second micro movie
  • Quantity: One of a Kind.
  • Physical: 50.4″ Full Size Fearless Girl Casting PRIVATE PLACEMENT ONLY
  • Casting includes: 12″ round bronze plaque
  • Patina of choice
  • Crating and Shipping Included
  • Artist’s consult on stone base if desired*
  • Reserve: $TBD

*Fearless Girl was placed directly on the existing surface to promote interaction with children. The figure was sculpted at 6% larger than life for increased presence.

Tier One is a Fearless Girl creation story with the figure generating from stardust particles ruminating at the center of pink and purple celestial nebula in a micro movie. This one-of-a-kind movie is paired with a full-size bronze casting of Fearless Girl offered for private placement. Up until now, the figure has been reserved for public placement only. This is the same casting seen in front of the NYSE and presents a unique opportunity for the savvy art collector.


Interim artwork for Tier Two.
Artworks in progress. We reserve the right to revision.


Tier Two: Interstellar

  • 14 Second Video
  • Quantity: 105
  • Physical: 22″ Miniature
  • Casting Includes: Presentation Box
  • Shipping: $TBD
  • Reserve: $TBD

This Artwork depicts Fearless Girl as originally seen at Bowling Green Park in New York’s Wall Street district. A night scene with buildings bathed in blue and lavender, the sidewalks golden. Celestial nebula is atmospheric and flows towards the viewer. A comet appears and hits the cobblestone kicking up a billow of sparkles. As the sparkles dissipate, the figure appears.

What’s important: Physical meets digital. This tier comes with a 22″ Fearless Girl Miniature.



Tier Three trading cards.
Artworks in progress. We reserve the right to revision.


Tier Three: Stargazer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

  • Seven Trading Cards
  • Quantity: Limited Edition of TBD x 7 Cards = TBD
  • Physical: Signed photo awarded to those who collect all 7 cards
  • Shipping: $TBD
  • Reserve: $TBD

Tier Three trading cards highlight an image of the figure. The ideals behind Fearless Girl are highlighted by a single word such as Collaborate, Equality, Diversity. Display the seven sketch studies created.

In the Brew… Digitally Generated Art

This drop or the next…

There’s something brewing… The potential is there for a digitally generated NFTs that are fun and affordable allowing everyone to join the effort and own a bit of Fearless Girl. Stay tuned!