The Superstar Collection

The Superstar Collection
Limited Edition of Five


Option 1: The Superstar Combination


Artist Proof of Digital Art + Full Size Fearless Girl Bronze

One of a Kind

Reserve $257,500 USD

(Current Ethereum price as of 5/17/2022)

Up for Auction on May 24, 2022!

The Superstar Collection is a Fearless Girl creation story with the figure generating from stardust particles ruminating at the center of a brilliant night sky in a micro movie. This one-of-a-kind movie is paired with a full-size bronze casting of Fearless Girl offered for private placement. Up until now, the figure has been reserved for public placement. This is the same casting seen in front of the NYSE and presents a unique opportunity for the savvy art collector.

Fearless Girl was placed directly on the existing surface to promote interaction with children. The figure was sculpted at 6% larger than life for increased presence.

  • Artist Proof / 5: 1 minute 23 second micro movie
  • Quantity: One-of-a-Kind Combination
  • Physical: 50.4" full size Fearless Girl casting PRIVATE PLACEMENT ONLY
  • Casting includes: 12" round bronze plaque
  • Patina of choice
  • Artist consult


Option 2: Superstar Digital Art Only

Digital Art Only (Available Now)

Limited Edition: 1/5

Reserve 2.98 ETH ($6,177.64 USD)

(Current Ethereum price as of 5/17/2022)

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