Interstellar Collection


Option 1: The Interstellar Combination


Digital Art + 22" Fearless Girl Bronze Miniature (Available Now)

Edition Size: 125

3.57 ETH ($7,400.73 USD)

(Current Ethereum price as of 5/17/2022)

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This Artwork depicts Fearless Girl as originally seen at Bowling Green Park in New York’s Wall Street district. A night scene with buildings bathed in blue and lavender, the sidewalks golden. Celestial nebula is atmospheric and flows towards the viewer. A comet appears and hits the cobblestone kicking up a billow of sparkles. As the sparkles dissipate, the figure appears.

  • 14 second video
  • Physical: 22" Fearless Girl Bronze Miniature, limited edition of 1,000. Just 125 of these are offered as an NFT with digital art.
  • Casting includes: presentation box and Certificate of Authenticity
  • Delivery: 3 to 7 months. First come first serve.
  • Shipping: $95 of shipping is included in your purchase.

What’s important: Physical meets digital. This combination NFT comes with a 22" Fearless Girl Bronze Miniature.


Option 2: Interstellar Digital Art Only

Digital Art Only (Available Now)

Edition Size: 100

1.39 ETH ($2,881.52 USD)

(Current Ethereum price as of 5/17/2022)

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